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Columbia Law School, Graduated with honors 2001


Over a decade in prestigious New York City law firms


Member of the Bar in New York, California & Arizona

Patricia E. Ronan is an advocate.

An advocate in court.

An advocate in her writing.

An advocate in life. 


An Honors graduate of Columbia Law School in New York City, Ronan utilizes the courts, the law, and negotiations to care for her clients, advance their interests, and help hold wrongdoers accountable. She is most interested in cases where she can fight for the underdog or David in battle against Goliath. 


Patricia Ronan:

  • Challenges government abuses of power. 

  • Represents employees against large corporations, taking on discriminatory practices. 

  • Advocates for sexual assault victims, who are regularly blamed for the criminal conduct of others. 

  • Seeks compensation for seriously injured children, so that they may have adequate healthcare and a better quality of life.

  • Appeals complex cases where procedural errors interfered with a just outcome.


Throughout her career, Ronan has represented and advocated for protected classes and vulnerable people including the LGBTQ community, refugees, and domestic workers.  In 2008, her career shifted to predominantly plaintiffs work.

Let Patricia E. Ronan advocate for you.

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